05 July 2016

Breakfast all day!

Hello, my friends. I hope you all enjoyed excellent celebrations yesterday, if you are Stateside.  As some of you may know, yesterday was also, coincidentally, my birthday, so I hope you figured out your own grilling recipes and party cocktails, because I was too busy to share mine.

The best thing about having a birthday in the summer (well, if you are an underemployed freelance classical musician), is that you can be a lazy, unproductive pig all day. And the best part about it happening on a holiday is that no one will even notice you stumbling around drunk in your front yard at noon, because they are all concentrating on trying not to fall, themselves.  And so this day, the day after my and also the nation's birthday, I treat myself to my favorite meal: brunch. Because I love eggs, and they also sop up the extra alcohol in my system.

But I've already shared plenty of egg dishes with you people before.  Let's refresh your memories, shall we?

There are the many configurations of migas. Similarly, you could make the Best Breakfast Tacos Ever. Or if you want to channel your inner Middle Easterner, shakshuka.

There are casseroles, like this crustless quinoa quiche,  Or a similar one with wild rice, instead. Or this custardy orzo, bacon, and spinach bake or savory bread pudding (both of which can be put together ahead of time).

I love putting fried eggs on top of this Thug Kitchen okra and potato hash or on some potato pancakes topped with avocado bearnaise. Or kimchi fried rice hash.