19 February 2016

No, you are not a vegetarian if you eat seafood.

You are a pescetarian if you eat seafood. It's a real thing, but you don't get to berate your waitress for getting confused on whether or not you will eat a bacon garnish when she has already brought you two other dishes with fish as the base. And you know, pescetarianism is alright.  The BBC thinks it's a good idea, and CNN even reports it might be better for keeping cancer at bay than strict vegetarianism (though really, all these diet assumptions turn out to be wrong in the end). Just don't be a jerk and eat endangered fish (this super-handy seafood recommendation guide should be bookmarked on your phone!), and don't go around calling yourself a vegetarian when you clearly are not, because that's very annoying.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will notice that I like seafood quite a bit, so after you've checked out your local seafood market, maybe give some of these featured DFT recipes a try:

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