07 June 2014

Weekend favorites

What perfect, early-summer weather we are having in Northern Colorado right now! Despite the fracking-induced earthquake we experienced last weekend, everything is fine and dandy here in Greeley. Oh, except for the flooding.  So, it's really best to just stay on the porch. Due to my slightly sedentary plans this weekend, this has turned into the cool desserts installation, but I don't imagine I'm alone in my cravings right now.

Photos by James Ransom for food52.com

A tasty use for strawberry tops?!  I'm in. 

I made this no-churn frozen yogurt by mixing together plain, Greek style yogurt with leftover raspberry-rhubarb sauce and it was amazing.  (Hint: you just put it in the freezer.  It's so fantastic.)

This recipe from Molly Yeh confirms that bubble tea is really not very good for you, but it is delicious. And since I live in a town with no good bubble tea, I am grateful for the instructions.

I know where I'll be visiting from now on before I head down to Denver to pick up my bubble tea supplies.

When I'm staying on my porch or patio for the day, though, I prefer for my dessert to have just a little kick: I've dusted off this old recipe and replaced the lemon juice with lime.

Happy weekend!