21 June 2014

It's the WEEKEND WEEKend WEekend weekend

I so totally want to make this backsplash for my kitchen.  We can collect the supplies in no time!

I'm not always a fan, but this collection of recipes on Food 52 has me hankerin' for an iced coffee.

I may be ruining the secret here, but I want these guys to stay in business, so if you're driving through Greeley, CO, don't cry about it--stop in to our new Speakeasy for a classy cocktail! I have tested them thoroughly for you, dear readers, and I can tell you that they make consistently strong drinks.

I didn't get what the big deal was with cauliflower rice, but now I do.  Try this easy, intelligently designed recipe this weekend! I like mine with fresh herbs and a fried egg on top.

Getting pretty excited to drink beer next week in Fort Collins.