16 January 2015

An homage to ever-practical food trends, with links

I always enjoy reading about the upcoming year's food trends because they're so funny.  Not only are they often a forced attempt to push food that no one is eating, it's just a ridiculous January ritual that takes itself way too seriously.  But of course, you do have this ritual to thank for bacon-sprinkled EVERYTHING and all those pins for avocado toast cropping up every other day on Pinterest.  Perhaps this will be the year of celery...

Here's what some of the real predictions are for 2015...

Cauliflower rice?!  Really--try this recipe.  It is actually delicious.

Kimchi.  Brilliant.  Try my recipe for kimchi hash or my reimagining of Roy Choi's kimchi quesadillas. And make your own fermented treat with Vegetarian Times' easy recipe.

Foraging.  I love this, as I have many weeds in my yard every summer, and some of them might be edible. My favorite discovery has been wild purslane, which looks like this:

And the leaves are actually really lemony and refreshing.  Learn all about it here.

Ramen.  Well, then I guess Denver is way ahead of the curve.

Milling your own grain.  Now there we go.  That is satisfyingly douchey.

Goat meat.  I got nothin' for that one. But please enjoy this video and don't eat nice, cute goats. They can't be that delicious.