23 January 2015

Making Jack Daniels palatable is a worthy challenge.

I was recently gifted a bottle of Jack Daniels.  I do not particularly enjoy Jack Daniels.  Even as I have warmed (no pun intended!) to the idea of whiskey, scotch, and bourbon, I still can't drink this crap.  What is with this stuff?  Why is it so much more terrible than other whiskeys?  Perhaps it's generational.  Any 80-year-olds out there who can illuminate me?

So, here's what I have found to do with it; if you are ever similarly gifted with any kind of rough brown liquor that you cannot choke down by itself, I hope this modest list of ideas will help you.  Because, as an environmentalist, I cannot let any drop of liquor go to waste in my house.  I'm sure you agree.

Hot Toddy: This is actually easy and brilliant.  Boil 6-8 ounces of water.  Put 2 shots of Jack in a mug along with a generous tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey, add a cinnamon stick, and pour in the hot water. Give it a stir and you've got a tasty hot lemonade with a little kick.

Infuse it: dump in one Earl Grey tea bag per cup of Jack and allow to sit on the counter 2-3 days.  Mix with orange juice or soda water.

Jack and Ginger: doesn't ginger ale fix everything?  I like to go with a 1:3 ratio (Jack:ginger, that is). Garnish with a lime wedge, because that's classy.

And next time, tell your house guest you would prefer some delicious, smooth Wyoming Whiskey, anything from the lovely folks at Backwards Distillery, or wonderful Stranahan's Whiskey from Colorado.

Meet Jack, the ginger.