23 December 2016

Christmas Eve-Eve preparations

'Tis the night before the night before Christmas, and you need to take it easy so you can get through this dumpster fire of a holiday.  Perhaps you are already inundated with visiting relatives who don't like your food, house, or local entertainment. Perhaps your kids have now been home from school for just enough days to make you consider "accidentally" leaving them in a faraway aisle of the nearest Toys R Us for someone else to rescue. Perhaps you have just whipped yourself into such a grocery-buying, food-prepping frenzy that you feel dizzy and your feet ache. Tonight is the night you can dispense with the ambitious need to eat a balanced meal or do something productive.  Think of he chart, below, as a handy little choose-your-own-adventure for Christmas Eve Eve. From me to you.

What to Wear (choose one or none)
What to Drink (choose two)
What to Eat (choose two, plus chili-cheese Fritos)
What to Do (choose no more than one)
Egg nog (with or without rum)
Tuscan White Bean Dip with chips or toast
Netflix, with or without chill
Yoga pants and sweatshirt
Strap on snowshoes and take out the garbage
Swimsuit (for our California fans)
Groom your pets
Green corduroys and a cat shirt
Hot chocolate
Lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling