14 October 2014

Eating in unlikely places

In the spirit of open-mindedness, we all try some things we probably shouldn't: street food in a town with no street food tradition, a city-wide festival in the summer heat with weak refrigeration units, or maybe a sushi restaurant in small-town Wyoming.  But you know what? I still think it's worth it.  So here's to all the adventures we embark upon in the name of food exploration and faith (albeit misplaced at times) in local foodies everywhere.

Crappy Crepes in Fort Collins

Cultivating a dislike for celebrity chefs

Eating Italian in a Cow Town (hint: don't)

Everyone's Favorite Hot Dog and Doughnut Themed Restaurant

Getting a little too fancy with eggplant

But there is such a thing as a Guide to Edible Airport Food

The Illusive Search for Pie

Looking for a Sidewalk in the O.C.

The Misery of Shirataki Noodles

Ode to the Horseshoe Sandwich

Sometimes Beer Just Isn't Enough

And from elsewhere on the web...

Why that last food festival you attending wasn't so satisfying

And believe it or not, The broadening experience of eating at Epcot