23 August 2013

Summer drinkin', part 3: the under-appreciated rosé

People often scoff at the girly-pink rosés that get passed around at weddings, and it's true, they can be cloyingly sweet and headache-inducing cheap.  But I rather like them in the summer, and there's a lot more variety than you might expect, if you only know what to buy.  Let's start a movement to give these refreshing wines the love they deserve.  I'm starting this morning.  

Prices listed are based on the going rates in Northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, by the way.  Sorry, East Coasters!

2010 Santi Infinito Rosé, approx. $8
Fruity and mild, great with grilled and/ or fruit-flavored poultry.

2011 El Coto Rioja Rosé, approx. $9
A slightly heavier, more floral wine with an orange undertone, it can stand up to BBQ chicken, flank steak, and pork.

2011 Le Rosé de Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rosé, approx. $10
Floral and berry-like, this works well with fried shrimp, oysters, or calamari.

2011 M. Chapoutier Côtes-du-Rhône Rosé Belleruche, approx. $11
Paler in hue, and subtler in flavor, this wine stands in wherever you might serve pinot grigio. Try it with spicy Indian or Thai food.

NV Poema Brut Rosé Cava, approx. $11
On the dry side and with plenty of bubbles; great for a toast or an aperitif.

2011 Tariquet Rosé de Pressée, approx. $12
Sweeter and slightly thicker than the others, this works well with egg dishes or light seafood.

2011 Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris, approx. $12
Herbaceous and rich, this also works well with spicy ethnic food.

2011 Château Bonnet Bordeaux Rosé, approx. $12
Delicate with peach undertones, this actually pairs quite well with tomato, as in a simple bruschetta appetizer.

2011 Mas Cal Demoura Qu'es Aquo, approx. $16
Crisp and full of berry flavor, this works exceptionally well with a burger.

NV Ewald Gruber Punkt Genau Zweigelt Rosé, approx. $18
Slightly fewer bubbles than Poema Brut Rosé Cava listed above, but still a great stand-in for champagne if you want a softer edge.

2011 Parajaxx Napa Valley Rosé, approx. $20
This is really a medium-red in disguise, and only slightly fruitier than a Merlot. Pair it with duck or beef.