12 July 2011

I had crepes for breakfast and you didn't, nya nya...

Does this hat make me look offensively stereotypical enough?

I stopped in at the local new place in my neighborhood, Cafe Panache, at 821 10th Street in Greeley. CO.  They've barely been open a week, which means they shouldn't have their act together yet, so I was prepared for things to be a little clumsy while they develop a routine.  But you know what?  I already love the place. Simply put, they do crepes--the kind you buy on the street in Paris, neatly folded and and wrapped in paper--that you can eat at the table or carry back to work.  Fillings range from the very French-sounding (apple, walnut, & bleu cheese; mushroom & leek) to child's fair (Nutella), to the slightly adventurous (banana, peanut butter, and bacon), and they are delicious. The price is right, too: $3.75 or $4.25 for one of the more adventurous ones.  It's filling, reasonably fast, and definitely the most interesting sandwich you're going to get in Greeley.

We stumbled in for breakfast this morning just as they were opening, and as an apology for being slow (they weren't), we got a free macadamia nut biscotti drizzled with chocolate while we waited.  I am not normally a fan of these dreadful things, which amount to a long crouton with some hard chocolate on top.  But this one actually had some moisture to it, reminding me more of a nice piece of shortbread.  And the coffee was pleasant, too.  No high-powered acidic Starbucks brew, but it was roasty, flavorful, and a soothing, gentle compliment to my mushroom-leek crepe.

If you are in the area, please go.  I hate to see this place struggle, because they're doing everything right.  And I rarely say that with such wild abandon here in Greeley.  7am-2pm M-Th; 7am-10pm F.