03 July 2011

Do you like to grill? Maybe you will like these?

I feel badly that I don't post anything about Independence Day, but honestly, I don't know what to write.  It is my birthday, and for many of my birthdays since I turned 14, I have spent the day playing craptastic patriotic music for old people sitting in lawn chairs.  It's just not an overly exciting day for me.  So, as you imagine me toiling in the blazing sun in a sub-par orchestra this 4th of July, have at some mediocre articles I wrote recently in homage to the grill, my favorite summertime cooking appliance.  Oh, and long live democracy, or whatever you're supposed to say.

Dressing up your Hotdogs (no snide remarks, please)

Easy Kabobs

Healthy Grilling (well, except for the carcinogens)

Rather drink booze for the holiday?  A reveler after my own heart.  Here are some tongue-in-cheek offerings:
Cocktail Hour: a salute to Flag Day

Now don't say I never gave you nuthin'.