19 April 2014

Saturday Specials

I love Saturdays so much, when I can experiment with recipes and gawk at other people's extra-clever blogs. So, I decided to share some of my joy with you all.  Add your own favorite links for the weekend below!

Love the Sweetie Pie sweet potato ale at High Hops Brewery in Windsor. Totally better than yet another pumpkin brew.

I really want to make these adorable Mini Princess Cakes from Molly Yeh.

I am spending time prepping the garden bed and planting seeds this weekend, and You Grow Girl is always my favorite stop for spring inspiration. She has a small yard and is cheap, just like me!

I'm starting to pack for my 2-week artist residency with Verismo Trio near Saratoga, Wyoming, which is exciting enough, and now I find out that there's a brewery there!

I've got some leftover sauce and cabbage from the cabbage rolls I made Thursday, so I'm going to make some dumplings in veggie broth using this recipe and dump the leftovers into it.

I loved stumbling out of bed late, making overly strong coffee and eating Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns this morning. But I do have that song stuck in my head now.