03 November 2015

Even with an extra hour of sleep, I could use some coffee

We always complain when the time changes, don't we?  Sunday we got an extra hour, but it's not good enough, because now it's too dark in the morning.  In the spring, we get more light at night, but we lost a whole hour!  Damn it, life is hard. Whatever your current whining session, coffee will fix it.  I'll help you out,if you happen to be in any of the following select cities: 

Great American Coffee Houses

 Houndstooth Coffee, Austin. TX

Happy Coffee Co. , Denver, CO

Ipsento , Chicago, IL

Boxcar Coffee,  Boulder and Denver, CO

Joe Bean . Rochestrer, NY

 Caf√© D’Bolla, Salt Lake City, UT

Cognoscenti . Los Angeles, CA

Render Coffee, Boston, MA

Gimme Coffee, New York, NY

Sqirl, Los Angeles, CA

Bad Wolf Coffee. Chicago, IL

Kaffe 1668, New York, NY

Daylight Mind, Kona, HI

Coava  Coffee, Portland, OR

Jubala, Raleigh, NC

Barista Parlor, Nashville, TN

Fourbarrel, San Francisco, CA

Barista, Portland, OR

Volta Coffee, Gainseville, FL

Spyhouse Coffee, Minneapolis, MN

Pavement, Boston, MA

Colectivo  Coffee, Milwaukee, WI

Sunergos, Louisville, KY

Heart Roasters, Portland, OR

Anodyne Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI

Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, MD

Panther Coffee, Miami, FL

Milstead & Co., Seattle, WA

Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.

Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA

 Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles, LA