16 October 2015

Weekend links celebrating fall!

It's fall, and I love my middle-class caucasian rituals, whatever you think of them.  In fact, I am wearing my tall boots over my jeggings, swaddled in my claustrophobia-inducing, chunky knit infinity scarf as we speak. I am also wearing a lime green puffy vest, so eat it.  Oh sorry, I'm getting overly defensive for no reason, because I can't even see your eyes rolling into the back of your heads.

I love the idea of Molly Yeh's Cauliflower Swiss Soup with a hard cider for dinner (that's her photo):

Persimmons are ripe now, and they remind me fondly of my short time as a Hoosier (not many things make me think fondly of Indiana, by the way).  I love a James Beard quick bread recipe utilizing this precious, short-season fruit. 

I used to go apple picking with my roommates in college, which was a fun homework break and also a cheaper way to eat apples (we took the half-rotten ones on the ground for a discount). Here in the Denver area, my fave is Ya Ya Farm and Orchard 6914 Ute Highway, Longmont, where you can pet the sweet goats, eat cider donuts, and take a beautiful hike along the orchard.

I love this shop's funky scarves with random accessories built in:

What's wrong, not feelin' my fall love? Maybe you and Matt Bellassai can commiserate: