07 August 2015

36 hours in L.A.

I had a quick stay in L.A. last week for a gig, and I decided to see what I could pull off car-free. I stayed in the Financial District next to downtown (in a sweet, crazy-cheap studio apt., thanks to Air Bnb) and between rehearsal and the concert, I visited Little Tokyo, Venice, and hung out a little downtown.  If I could go back, I'd hit Koreatown for the food, and Echo Park, which I rode past on the way to my friend's place in Silver Lake, because the crowded pond filled with paddle boats looked super fun. What I learned from L.A.:

The food is good.

They really do put a lot of fresh vegetables in/on everything.

Stuff doesn't necessarily stay open very late, and many things (bars and restaurants) are closed on Sundays.

The locals aren't keeping up to date with their public transportation options, which are pretty new but pretty good!

Why don't people wear shoes?  It would be safer if you all wore shoes downtown, people.  I'm only thinking about your health here. 

This is one of only 3 "Japan towns" in the U.S., and all 3 of them are in Cali. 

Mexi-terranean taco from Kabob Express Fusion truck outside
our apartment, because tacos + fusion = L.A., right?

The poke at Poke-Poke was probably my favorite meal.

The iconic walk along Venice Beach.
We're ready to move!  This canal property in Venice is only $6500/day to rent!

PS--These canals are just there because some rich guy put them in at the turn of the 20th Century.

Striking the proper self-satisfied pose before we sign our lease.

Sticky Rice at GCM  had beautiful
BBQ chicken & yellow curry,
and the best Boba.

Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. is a food paradise.

Union Station is old-school luxe