29 August 2014

Sushi favorites in the Rocky Mountains

For those of you living on a coast of some sort, you might think it is inappropriate to attempt eating sushi in such a landlocked place as, say, the Rocky Mountains.  To you I say, "I know, but I want it soooo much!" It really isn't the same, and if you're travelling through the region on your way back to some amazing place with fresh seafood available in your nearby ocean, you probably shouldn't bother.  But for those of us who are sick of waiting for someone else to pay for your trip to the ocean, or for those of you who have never left the state of Colorado because it's so perfect here (don't laugh, that's a lot of people), maybe you can give these a try:



Hapa Sushi, 1117 Pearl St. (and other locations)
Sushi Tora, 2014 10th St

Sonoda, various locations
Sushi Den, 1487 South Pearl St.
Sushi Sasa, 2401 15th St
Taki Sushi, 420 E. Bayaud Ave.

Fort Collins
Suehiro, 223 Linden St 
Suh Sushi, 200 W Prospect Rd

Lucky Fin's, 4530 Centerplace Dr
Sushi 1, 3820 W 10th St Ste B13


Jasmine Thai and Sushi House, 4320 The Way, N.E., Suite 300

Sakura Sushi Thai & Laos Cuisine, 4200 Wyoming Blvd NE Ste C-2

Sushi Hama
2918 Eubank Boulevard Northeast


Sabaku Sushi
90 East Center Street
Park City
Shoyu Sushi and Japanese Kitchen, 1612 West Ute Boulevard

Salt Lake City
Sapa Sushi Bar & Asian Grill
722 South State Street

Tsunami Sushi - Sugar House
2223 S Highland D

St. George
Benja Thai & Sushi
2 West St George Blvd

Sakura Japanese Steak House & Sushi
939 E St. Geroge Blvd

Kazumi, 265 W Broadway Ave
Nikai Sushi, 225 N Cache Dr

Mizu Sushi, 307 S 3rd St

Finally, if you are new to sushi or from Colorado (aw, I'm just joshin', I love y'all!), please review this very helpful guide on eating sushi correctly from The Bold Italic called The Dos, the Don'ts, and the Oh God Please Don'ts of Eating Sushi