24 May 2014

Weekend Favorites

It has been both fantastic and awful to fully reacquaint myself with the internet after the better part of three weeks.  As you can see, I've done some surfing...

Denver has some super cool events planned for Memorial Day weekend, as always.

I love this beautifully photographed article from Food 52 with links to delish-sounding dressings. And it reminds me not to be too cheap to buy shallots, because they make life better.

After two weeks at Brush Creek Arts Camp, I am so sick of asparagus-spiked risotto, soup, and pasta.  But I will give this spicy pickled asparagus recipe a try until I run out.

My two new favorite places (both in Cheyenne, Wyo): The free Cheyenne Botanical Gardens and the equally free Wyoming State Museum. (Oops, three: Freedom's Edge Brewery.  It is not free, but get the candy sugar brown and the chili beer.)

My weird t-shirt cravings are re-emerging with this warm weather...

I cannot stop obsessing over these haunting predictions of the future's underwater cities with Nikolay Lamm's amazing illustrations:

My heart soars when I gawk at the Travel Photographers Network gallery online, a much easier way to satisfy my wanderlust until my next trip this summer.