28 March 2014

Turn every trip into a beer and food tour!

I drive through some pretty unromantic places on my way to gigs (and I'm headed your way soon, Rock Springs!), so I always try to perk up the landscape by finding some decent places to eat and drink. My favorite new find is http://www.brewtrail.com/, where you can find up-to-date lists of breweries in every state and even plan out beer tours based on the places you want to visit.

http://www.opentable.com/ is helpful for finding upscale restaurants in urban areas around the country, but nothing beats good old triumvirate of Trip Advisor (reviews written mostly by polite family-minded people), Urban Spoon (reviews by gypsies and hipsters) and Yelp (get a full helping of crazy here) to check up on the local holes-in-the-wall.

I suppose there's the personality-less Google search for everything else...anyone else have any clever searches for finding hidden gems across the country or abroad?