05 February 2011

Visit Greeley--we have a good restaurant now!

One day you might be headed to Greeley, Colorado.  Perhaps your grandmother lives there, or you have an underachieving nephew attending UNC (just kidding, I love you guys!!!), or maybe you are on a field trip studying sadness.  Until recently, your food choices would not encourage you to come back, but last month a fun little shop called RUMI House of Kabob opened at 1116 9th Street.  It’s actually a two-story Victorian house, so drive slowly once you cross 11th Avenue so you don’t miss it.

RUMI does not have a terribly varied menu--it really does specialize in kabobs and gyros--but everything is exceptionally good.  The hot black tea is lightly herbed and the hummus is remarkably well-balanced in flavor and a nice smooth, thickish texture.  Have the red lentil soup (they’ll give you a half order if you’re worried about getting too full--that’s what I did); it is thick, creamy, and amazingly delicious.  Like the hummus, it’s full of different flavors that blend together beautifully.  It’s served with ground cumin sprinkled on top, a slice of lemon on the side, and a little bottle of hot sauce.  It is close to perfection.

I tried kebobs made with chicken and ground beef (Koobideh).  Both were nicely grilled and spiced; the beef was more flavorful.  Kabob platters are served with a roasted tomato, Persian rice, and a relish-like little dish of salad made of finely diced tomato, cucumber, and red onion, dressed with lemon juice, parsley, and a little olive oil.

They were out of baklava, leaving only caramel flan on the dessert menu.  I had my heart set on baklava and couldn’t switch gears to get excited about flan, but that’s OK.  I’ll be back to try the gyro, anyway.

PS--There’s no coffee on the menu, so walk over to Woody’s Newsstand at 942 9th Street for a cappuccino and a leisurely peek at some magazines from all over the world.

That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got for ya if you come to Greeley.  But it’s good!