05 June 2010

Trio of martinis

A few months ago I wrote about how easy it is to infuse your own vodka, but I never told you what you could do with it. How rude of me. If you have not already downed your gallon jug of lemon vodka sans buffer, here are a couple of my favorites (all measurements are for one drink):

Lemon Drop with lemon infused vodka:

2 shots lemon infused vodka

1 shot Triple Sec

Scant half-shot fresh lime juice

Shake with plenty of ice and pour into a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

Cosmo-ish with grapefruit infused vodka:

2 shots grapefruit infused vodka

1 shot Triple Sec

1.5 shots cranberry juice

Half shot lime juice

Shake with lots of ice and pour into martini glass

Cucumber-mint “mojito”:

3 shots cucumber-mint infused vodka*

1 shot lime juice

Splash club soda (optional)

Stir vodka and lime juice together in a glass, top with club soda and ice.

*For cucumber-mint infused vodka: Into a sealable jar or bottle (750 mL) , muddle 1 large handful of fresh mint. Leave the stems—just throw the whole bunch in there. Cut 3 pickling cucumbers (or 1 large cuke) into spears and add to the bottle. Pour in vodka and leave on countertop for five days, gently shaking once daily. After vodka is infused, keep it in the freezer.