28 June 2014

Weekend Round-Up

I currently have a glut of strawberries and the tail end of this season's rhubarb overrunning the garden.  And as nice as pies are, I've been craving some Lucile's -style jam, but didn't want to go to the trouble. That's why I'm so happy that Catherine Lamb wrote this user-friendly guide to making compote, the perfect jam for lazy people. 

While you're over there, have you checked out Food52's "20 Essential Kitchen Hacks"? I thought I was pretty clever until I read this--I particularly love the tips on using food scraps to clean the house.  

I love Kimmi over at Grubarazzi's edition of mint in this fantastic margarita recipe.  Because along with strawberries, I also have a lot of mint.  And, you know, it's good to drink something besides mojitos once in a while.  

I have no plans to travel towards water until August, but I love staring longingly at Magic Seaweed's surf photos to satisfy my craving for aquatic summer pastimes. Ah, I can almost smell the dead fish...